Posting Required Notices

Many federal, state, and employment laws require that certain notices be posted in the workplace in areas where they are likely to be seen by employees. Since AvaCon is an entirely distributed organization having no physical workplace, we post these notices both within this Employee Handbook and in our virtual office spaces to be in compliance with the regulations.


Posting To The Handbook

1. Locate the notice that needs to be posted on the Trello board and find the appropriate Google Doc link.

2. Sign in to the AvaCon handbook administrator dashboard, navigate to Pages >All Pages > Chapter 3 > Company Policies & Notices and click to edit the page.

3. Enter the name of the document to the appropriate state list, and then link it to the Google Doc from step 1. Be sure to have the link open in a new page.

4. Click the Update button on the page to save the document.

Posting in our Virtual Office

1. Download the notice to your local hard drive.

2. Open the notice file in Photoshop and save as > .png format.

3. Login to AvaCon grid and go to break room in our office and locate the appropriate state or federal notice board.

4. Rez a new prim and give it the appropriate shape for the notice (for example, 8×11 paper shape).

5. Upload the .png image saved from step 2 and apply to the texture of the prim.

6. Insert a launch browser script into the contents of the prim, and edit the script with the name and link to the Google Doc where the file resides.

7. Place the notice prim on the notice board.