Business Expense Report

Board Members or Officers who make a purchase using an AvaCon Bank Card or via any any means other than a Purchase Order or contract (i.e. PayPal) are required to complete an Expense Report.  In addition, an itemized receipt and/or other supporting documentation must be attached.  If the receipt is not yet available, the receipt and/or documentation must be uploaded to the appropriate Receipts folder in the shared documents drive.

See the full Purchasing Procedures page of the Employee Handbook for more information.


Enter your first and last name.
On what date was the purchase made?
Enter the name of the vendor or merchant where the purchase was made.
Please describe in detail what was purchased.
What is the business purpose for this purchase?
Select the category for the type of expense from the list below.
Enter the amount of the charge or expense. Example: $10.34 or $2541.34
Upload the itemized receipt for this purchase.
By entering my name below, I certify that the expenses herein are legitimate business expenses for AvaCon, Inc. and were not for personal benefit or unauthorized charges.