AvaCon Seeks Feedback on Moving the Metaverse Forward

Earlier this year, the AvaCon Executive Board engaged in a brainstorming session to think about and plan for our future activities.  We asked ourselves some key questions:

– Where is the metaverse today? Where do we want it to go?
– What technologies can contribute to the metaverse of the future?
– Where are there concentrations of people with the same goals?
– What can AvaCon do to connect those who share our passion for the metaverse?

We fed our thoughts and conversations into a word cloud and three key words emerged..

Fresh off the success of the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013, we are ready to move forward with our ideas about how to better support the community of enthusiasts who are making the Metaverse happen.

But first, we need your feedback!  Please take a few moments to complete a short survey to tell us how AvaCon could better support you!

Click here to take the
Metaverse Future Society survey!

(Click here to take a text-only version of the survey with no graphical elements.)

Thanks in advance for your feedback, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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