5th Annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017

AvaCon is pleased to announce the fifth annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017, to take place virtually on the OpenSimulator Conference Center grid on December 9-10, 2017. The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community surrounding the OpenSimulator software.

“OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world) which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols.” as explained on OpenSimulator.org. Users can also visit other OpenSimulator virtual worlds, across the web by using the Hypergrid protocols. “In this way, it is the basis of a nascent distributed Metaverse.”

Organized as a joint production by Core Developers of OpenSimulator and AvaCon, this years conference will focus on the latest software release, visions for the future, and technologies or content today that are shaping the future of the platform. 

The OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017 features a series of dynamic short presentations, panels, performances, and workshops that spotlight the best of the OpenSimulator platform and community.

“Last years conference was a terrific success with two days of presentations, panels, exciting expo and Hypergrid experiences, hundreds of attendees within the 3D virtual world conference space, and thousands more watching on via live video stream.” said conference organizer Joyce Bettencourt. “We will be building on that success by offering more opportunities for the community to be involved and furthering outreach to attract new users. With the continued interest surrounding virtual reality technologies, we want the VR community to know that OpenSimulator is a great platform for building the open metaverse.”

Those wishing to financially support the conference have several options, including becoming an OSCC17 Sponsor, and the opportunity to participate in a Crowdfunding Campaign when registering to raise small dollar amounts that will be used to help cover grid, web hosting, and streaming services for the conference. Participants in the Crowdfunding Campaign will receive a variety of thank you gifts depending upon their level of participation, and event sponsors will have options for promotional activities and participation in creating content for the conference grid.

We hope to be able to accommodate over 350 users in total, a figure which includes speakers, sponsors, and staff. Since seats are limited, registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis until the maximum number of virtual conference center tickets is reached. At that point, community members will still be able to register for the live streamed version of the conference that will be available.

The expo area will not be ticketed and so can be accessed by any avatar, subject to constraints on the number of avatars that the exhibition regions can hold at any particular time.

For more information, and to register or become a sponsor of OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017, go to http://conference.opensimulator.org


The OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017 Planning Team

Conference Chair

Joyce Bettencourt | Rhiannon Chatnoir

Conference Steering Committee

  • Joyce Bettencourt | Rhiannon Chatnoir
  • Crista Lopes | Diva Canto
  • Michael Cerquoni | Nebadon Izumi
  • Melanie Thielker | Melanie Milland

Conference Organizing Committee

  • Cynthia Calongne | Lyr Lobo
  • Joyce Bettencourt | Rhiannon Chatnoir
  • Maria Korolov | Maria Korolov
  • Barbara Truman | Delightful Doowangle
  • Grid Administrator | Michael Cerquoni | Nebadon Izumi
  • Sponsorship Coordinator | Joyce Bettencourt | Rhiannon Chatnoir
  • Streaming Producer | Mal Burns
  • Tech Guru | Jeroen Frans | Frans Charming
  • Streaming | James Lloyd | James Atlloud
  • Streaming Coordinator | Michael Bailey | Marcus Llewellyn
  • Thirza Ember | Special Events