Social Media


Because AvaCon is a small non-profit organization, we don’t have a very big budget for marketing and outreach, which means we rely on everyone involved with AvaCon to help us get the word out about all the great work we do! Obviously we can’t demand that you share information about AvaCon’s work on your personal accounts, since your personal accounts are just that – personal! However, if you are comfortable sharing messages and news items about AvaCon’s activities through your own social networks, we definitely appreciate the help and outreach.

If you don’t already use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google Plus (G+), you may want to consider getting accounts on these services, since in some ways, social media itself is a part of the metaverse, and it is AvaCon’s mission to support the metaverse in all its various forms, even if we tend to focus primarily on immersive environments and 3D worlds.

If you do use social media already, you may wish to “friend” AvaCon’s official accounts so that you can see and re-share information from those channels. Whenever possible, we ask that you re-share (or re-tweet) the official account message, rather than posting your own, so that others can find our accounts and connect with us as well.

AvaCon’s Official Social Media Accounts

To connect or friend AvaCon’s accounts, you can find us on:


AvaCon’s “Friending” Policy

If you are responsible for managing or updating any official AvaCon accounts, we encourage you to return “friend” requests from others. Our goal is to foster community among those working or interested in the metaverse and those who attend our events. As such, we generally return friendship requests on social media sites, provided the account is obviously a person or business associated with industry. Beware of spammers and other businesses who may seek to use our networks to promote their own agenda, however, and ignore requests that are clearly not genuine users.

Tools to Manage Multiple Accounts

If you use Twitter, Tweetdeck can be an invaluable tool to help you manage your information stream and it also allows you to tweet from multiple accounts. This is very helpful if you help manage AvaCon’s official Twitter accounts, or accounts that we may set up for specific events or activities. Tweetdeck also has a special app for the Chrome browser that we highly recommend.

In addition, Hootsuite is another tool that can help you manage multiple accounts on multiple services. See Joyce Bettencourt for access to the AvaCon account.

AvaCon’s Twitter Account

Please note that blog posts from AvaCon’s website are NOT tweeted automatically. After a post has been made to the website, the person responsible must manually compose a tweet about the new blog post using the format: New blog post: <copy and paste the blog post title> <paste a short link to the specific post> #metaverse #opensim #SL