This form is used to report time worked on AvaCon projects, programs, and activities.  Scroll down below the form to see category definitions.

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Work CategoryTypes of Activities
3D Modeling/BuildingCreating models in Maya or Blender, building with prims in OpenSimulator, building scenes and environments.
AccountingFinance and accounting, reconciling bank statements, processing payroll.
AdministrativeFilling out forms or paperwork, updating calendar, general administrative tasks.
Customer ServiceAnswering emails or phone calls, providing end user support for a program, service, or activity.
DocumentationWriting documentation or technical writing, documenting processes, writing tutorials.
Email CorrespondenceGeneral email correspondence.
Event ManagementManaging or hosting a live event, greeting moderating, directing traffic.
Graphic DesignDeveloping graphics, editing images, creating textures for 3D models, creating posters, brochures, web banners, or printed materials.
Grid AdministrationInstalling or updating grid software, managing grid server, approving accounts, parceling land or managing estate or land settings.
Human ResourcesProcessing applications, maintaining personnel files, reviewing time cards.
Marketing & PRWriting ad copy, updating social media, planning marketing campaigns.
MeetingPhone conferences, in-world meetings, staff meetings.
Professional DevelopmentAttending training, watching tutorial videos, reading training materials, developing one’s professional skills.
Programming & ScriptingWriting, updating, or maintaining code, programs, scripts.
Research & DevelopmentResearching new services or technologies, testing or experimenting.
Streaming & A/V ProductionProducing live or archived streams, editing, uploading, or producing audio or video assets.
System AdministrationGeneral system administration.
Training & InstructionProviding training or instruction, giving workshops, onboarding new employees.
Website Dev & MaintenanceDeveloping or maintaining websites, installing themes or plugins, customizing CSS or HTML, maintaining web server.