Resources for Board Members


Being on the board of AvaCon, Inc. is not an honorary position – it requires a commitment to using AvaCon’s charitable resources in the best possible way. Donors and beneficiaries of AvaCon expect its leaders to ensure the sound administration of the organization.

Duties of Board Members

  • Read and Understand AvaCon, Inc. ByLaws – AvaCon’s ByLaws is the governing document of our corporation. All Board Members are expected to read and thoroughly understand the ByLaws.
  • Duty of care – This involves being active in AvaCon’s activities and understanding its mission.
  • Duty of loyalty – Board members must acknowledge that the interest of AvaCon and its work must be the top priority. AvaCon has a conflict of interest policy that must be followed to avoid transactions that unfairly enrich any board member or officer.
  • Duty to manage accounts – AvaCon must be fiscally accountable. Board members must track budget data and establish and monitor internal controls.
  • Duty of compliance – AvaCon has important legal obligations. Board members must ensure that AvaCon follows registration requirements, solicitation laws and tax provisions.


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