Trello Tasks


You should have already signed up for a Trello account during your Onboarding process, and you may have already been added to the AvaCon Staff Board. If not, please contact your supervisor to find out how to be added to the appropriate Trello boards.

What is Trello?

Trello is a task list, or To-Do list, service that AvaCon uses to help us track what needs to be done, who is assigned to do it, and otherwise track our assignments. If you have ever used Project Management software, Trello is a little like “project management lite” – it doesn’t have the administrative overhead of a full project management software suite, but it offers some of the task tracking and reporting features that can help the team track our work.


How AvaCon Uses Trello

Go to the AvaCon Staff Board to find a list of tasks and assignments in your area or department. If you have been assigned to a task, your icon will appear in the lower right corner of a card. To see more details about the task, click the card to view the comments, any attachments, or other items associated with the task.

Once a task has been completed, drag it over to the COMPLETED column and everyone will be notified that the task is done!


Trello is really pretty simple to use, you can probably figure out everything else you need to know just by clicking around!