AvaCon Inc. Intellectual Property Policy

AVACON, INC. is an all-volunteer organization, having no paid staff.  Should work that a volunteer performs for AVACON, INC. result in the creation of intellectual property rights, the employee or volunteer agrees, as a condition of performing any duties or tasks, that:

a. AvaCon, Inc. will own the intellectual property in anything a staff member or volunteer creates in the course of employment  or volunteering for the Organization, unless otherwise agreed in a specific instance or where the intellectual property consists of copyright in a book, article or other written scholarly literary work (not being teaching or learning materials or computer programs);

b.  Ownership of intellectual property consisting of copyright in books, articles or other written scholarly literary works or in creative works such as a novel, painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving, musical composition or script for a show, work involving a performance, photograph, or 3D model shall vest in their authors, creators or performers unless otherwise agreed in a specific instance, however, you agree to grant to AvaCon, Inc. and Avacon, Inc.’s assigns, licensees and successors an irrevocable, world-wide, royalty free, non-exclusive, transferable license to use such intellectual property for purposes including normal business operations and operational matters, in order to keep good records, promote and publicize future events, and to make archives available where possible, to prepare derivative works of, to distribute, reproduce, reproduce for webcasting, broadcasting and live audio or video streaming;

c. From time to time, staff members may create foreground intellectual property that includes background intellectual property such as copyrighted materials derived from third party sources and/or Creative Commons licensed materials. As there may be restrictions on the future use of background intellectual property derived from third parties, staff members and volunteers have a responsibility to consider the effect of such restrictions when including these materials in the development of foreground intellectual property, particularly with respect to the proposed use by AvaCon of the foreground intellectual property. Staff members and volunteers should seek the advice of their supervisor and/or the AvaCon, Inc. Board  if they have questions regarding the use of intellectual property derived from third parties.

The terms of this agreement shall remain in effect while serving as an employee or volunteer for AvaCon, Inc. or after leaving or termination of employment or a volunteer position.  Any agreement an employee or volunteer makes with other entities or agents relating to use or access to content created under the terms of this agreement must be consistent with these terms, and no such agreement with another party can abrogate, nullify, void or modify this agreement.

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