Recording Checks

Recording Checks

When a check is written from the AvaCon checkbook, it must be recorded in multiple locations:

1.  Physical Check Register – Write the check amount and other information on the physical checkbook register.

2. Online Check Register – The check also must be recorded in the online check register we keep separately on GDocs.  AvaCon Accounting > Bank Account > AvaCon Bank Acct – Check Register.  Note that once a check has cleared, that should be marked with an X in Column B to keep the online check register current.

3.  Business Expense Report – The expense also must be reported and a bill, invoice, or receipt uploaded as a Business Expense Report.  This form is located on the public AvaCon website under Company > Documents.  This spreadsheet is later used to reconcile monthly statements from the bank and to enter the expenses into QuickBooks.