Time Tracking & Reporting


Although much of the work done at AvaCon is on a volunteer basis with no pay, we still need to know how employees and volunteers are spending their time for compliance, budget, and reporting requirements. In addition, some projects may be sponsored by grants or contracts, and in those cases, tracking billable time becomes crucial to our operations so we can recoup expenses and process payroll.

All employees, volunteers, independent contractors, officers, and Board Members are required to track and report time spent working on AvaCon related business using the Time Reporting form, which can also be found in the Appendix A – Forms section of this manual or on the Documents page of the AvaCon website.

Complete the Time Reporting Form After Every Task

The form is designed to be as simple and easy to complete as possible. It is best to fill out the form each time you complete or stop work on a particular task, rather than waiting to fill out the form after you have completed many tasks. It is important for payroll and our reporting process for each task to be categorized appropriately, so please do not lump multiple tasks together into a single report!


Instructions to Complete the Time Reporting Form

1. Name: Select your name from the pull down menu.  If your name does not appear in the list, please contact Human Resources.

2. Billable: Select whether the work time was billable or not. If you are not sure if you are working on a billable project, check with your supervisor, otherwise, select “No”.

3. Program: Choose the program or service for which the work was performed. If you were doing general work for the organization, select “AvaCon, Inc.” as the program.

4. Work Category: What type of work did you perform? Choose from the pull down menu the most applicable choice. At times it may be difficult to decide which category to choose, if in doubt, try to select the category that represents the primary purpose for the task you are reporting.

  • For example, if in the course creating a graphic for an event, you need to look up where to find a source file in the Employee Manual, and you notice a typo in the manual and fix it, you COULD report that you did Graphic Design work and Documentation, but the primary purpose of this task was to create a graphic for the event, so you should select Graphic Design as the Work Category.

Scroll to the bottom of the Time Reporting page for a full list of Work Categories and further examples/explanation.

5. Date: On what date did you perform the work? If you are reporting time in a timely fashion, the date should usually be “today’s” date. If you forgot to report work from an earlier date, choose the date on which the work was actually performed.

6. Hours: How much time did you spend doing the work? Enter an amount in hours, using decimals and rounded to the nearest .25 (15 minutes) of an hour.

7. Brief Description: Enter a brief description of the work performed. You don’t have to write a book about it, but details that may help your supervisor verify the work performed is helpful. In addition, for sponsored projects, grants, and contracts, this description will be used for itemized billing and payroll processing.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Time Reporting form, please see your supervisor for clarification or assistance.