Using Path Cut to Slice Prims

Building is just going to get cooler and cooler. What if you could just cut a “chunk” or a “wedge” out of a shape?


You can cut different sized chunks out of shapes using the Path Cut Begin and End control. You will experiment with different basic shapes to see how this control affects each of them. Let’s begin!


Step 1: The Path Cut Begin and End control

The Path Cut Begin and End control is located below the Building Block Type dropdown menu. The Path Cut Begin and End control will cut a section out of any shape you rez. The path it cuts is along the Z axis (the blue axis). The width of the slice, or chunk, that is removed depends on the Begin (B) and End (E) number values you choose. Values can range from 0.000 – 1.000.

Rez a cube. Make sure your cube is in Edit mode. With the Object tab of the Edit window open, use the up/down arrows of the Path Cut control to change both the B (Begin) and E (End) number values.


Do you see how your choices affect the size of the “chunk” that is removed? Selecting a small value will look like a small slice has been cut out of your prim. A large value will leave only a slice.

Try removing slices or chunks from each of the other basic shapes. Experiment with different number settings to see if you can make a shape exactly the way you want it. Take your time!

Naming and saving favorite shapes is a real timesaver when you build. Good builders don’t recreate a common shape each time they build; they take it out of their inventory. Take a few moments to rename and save some of the great new shapes you think you will use in your future building projects. You might also take a few minutes to practice your texturing. Slightly changing the color of a cut face can really improve the look of an object.

If you are using the PRIMLAND Tutorial game, stop here and continue on the path!