Additional Features


You are now well on your way to creating whatever you can dream up! There are just few more building features that can make your creations really pop. Did you know that you can make a prim wiggle like jello or light up the area around it? You can also create a prim that can be walked through, or can fall to the ground or even disappear after a short time.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this module, you will have the following skills:

  • Changing qualities of objects so that they can disappear, be walked through or fall to the ground
  • Making objects that are flexible
  • Modifying objects so that they give off light
  • Using sculpted prims

You will demonstrate your new skills by:

  • Creating a variety of objects that wiggle, flop, light up and even disappear!
  • Rezzing and modifying complex prims (sculpted prims)


Have you ever wished you could fly through the roof or walk through a wall? What about making an object that just disappears after a minute? You can do all that and more just by selecting some easy-to-use building features called parameters.


In OpenSimulator building, a parameter defines a quality or characteristic of a prim. You can set a prim so it cannot be moved. You can also set it so that it falls to the ground, can be walked through or disappears. Let’s practice these easy features now.


Step 1: Finding the object parameter controls

The object parameter controls are located in the Object tab. Edit Window > Object Tab > Object

Find the object parameters. Notice that they are unchecked.

[image – intro2build.10.a]

Step 2: Locking an object

Choosing the Locked parameter prevents an object from being accidentally moved or changed while building. It’s very useful when building a complex object or when building with others.

Rez a prim. Choose Locked from the object parameters. Try to move it!

[image – intro2build.10.b]

Step 3: Making an object physical

Selecting the Physical parameter makes an object that looks like it responds to gravity. If it is rezzed in the air, it will fall to the ground!

Rez a prim and choose Physical from the object parameters. Position it so that it is in the air above the ground. Close the Edit window and watch it fall!

[image – intro2build.10.c]

Step 4: Making an object temporary

A Temporary object will disappear one minute after it rezzes. This feature can be great for special effects, like fireworks, or when you want to quickly show someone an object. You could even use a temporary prim as a stopwatch!

Rez a prim and check the Temporary parameter. After one minute, you should see it disappear.

Step 5: Making an object phantom

An object that is Phantom can be moved through. If a wall is Phantom, you can walk through it!

Rez a prim and stretch it so it’s larger than your avatar. Select Phantom from the object parameters. Now walk or fly through your prim!

These parameters are easy to use. You can even combine them!  Could any of your previous creations use these features? Go modify them!

If you are using the PRIMLAND Tutorial game, stop here and continue on the path!