Hollow and Hollow Shape

What if you could cut a hole in the middle of a shape and hollow it out. You can!


Every basic shape can be hollowed out. In fact, even the shape of the hole can be changed. For example, you can put a square hole in a sphere or a round hole in a pyramid.


Step 1: Making a default hole

When you first rez any basic shape, it is not hollow. To hollow a shape, choose the Hollow control, which is usually right underneath the Path Cut Begin and End control. A shape can be hollowed up to 0.95% in most viewers, though some viewers allow a higher percentage. It is usually hollowed along the Z axis (blue axis).

Rez a cube. Using the Hollow control, select the up/down arrows to hollow the cube. Do you see how the higher numbers make the hole in the cube larger?

[image – intro2build.07a]

Step 2: Changing the default hole shape

Once you begin to make even a small hole in a shape, the Hollow Shape drop down menu will become active. Now you can change the shape of the hole to a circle, square or triangle.

Rez a cube and hollow it. Rotate it so you can see the shape of the hole. It should be square to match the square shape. Then select the Hollow Shape drop down menu and select Circle or Triangle. Notice how the shape of the hole changes instantly!

[image – intro2build.07b]

Step 3: Hollowing other shapes

Actually seeing what happens to other shapes can inspire you with new building ideas.

[image – intro2build.07c]

Select other shapes and experiment with hollowing them. Change the shape and size of the holes. Note: The Ring, Torus and Tube shapes hollow much differently than the other shapes. Make sure you take the

time to really look at them.

Step 4: Combining Hollowing with Cutting

When you begin to combine different building controls, you can really come up with some interesting shapes.

[image – intro2build.07.d]

Look at the bench in the photo. It is made of three basic cubes. You’ve already learned everything you need to recreate it. Can you?

  • Hint: You can find the steps below if you get stuck.

Using all the building knowledge you have so far, make something wonderful. You are going to be a fabulous builder!

Spoiler: How to make the bench

Rez a basic cube. Stretch and flatten it to make the bench seat.

[image – intro2build.07.e]

Rez a second cube, and cut it to make a “V” shape for the legs.

[image – intro2build.07.f]

Narrow the width of the legs to your liking by squishing it down along the Z axis (blue handle).

[image – intro2build.07.g]

Now hollow the second cube to your liking and change the Hollow Shape to circle. (You may need to rotate it at this point.)

[image – intro2build.07.h]

Select the leg section and hold down the SHIFT key, then drag along one of the arrows to make another leg section that is identical to the first. This is called the “shift-drag” method of copying.

[image – intro2build.07.i]

Also duplicate the bench seat to form a prim for the top of the bench seat by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging up on the Z Axis (blue arrow).

[image – intro2build.07.j]

Now, using rotation (CTRL) and moving the prims with the arrows, position the legs and top so they look like a bench.

[image – intro2build.07.k]

Link the four prims together (hold down Shift key to highlight all parts, then CTRL+L to link) and rename. Nice job!

[image – intro2build.07.l]

If you are using the PRIMLAND Tutorial game, stop here and continue on the path!