Introduction to Texturing


As you look around the virtual world, you will notice that objects are not only made up of shapes, but also the patterns visible on the outside of the shapes, known as textures. Great-looking objects have great- looking textures! In this section, you will learn how to apply great-looking textures to everything you build.


Texture: A graphic or image applied to an avatar or object.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this module, you will have the following skills:

  • Putting graphics and images (textures) onto objects you create
  • Changing the color and transparency of an object
  • Changing how the size of a texture looks on an object
  • How to upload a texture and apply it to your objects

You will demonstrate your new skills by:

  • Texturing created objects
  • Tinting and changing the transparency of created objects
  • Changing a texture to look the right size on each side of an object

Finding and Using Textures

What makes something look like it’s made of stone, fur or metal? The answer: Textures. Textures are graphics or images that are applied to an avatar or object. Now that you have some basic building skills under your belt, it’s time to make your creations look like something other than plywood!


Applying textures to an object is quick, easy and a ton of fun. In this section, you will learn how to find images and textures and place them on an object.


Step 1: Finding textures

You can use both Textures and Snapshots to change the look of your object. You have been given some textures and snapshots to use in your Inventory Library. Inventory >OpenSim Library > Photo Album or Textures

[image – intro2build.14.a]

Find the Photo Album and Textures folders in your Inventory Library. Open the folders and double-click on a few textures and snapshots to see what you have there.

Step 2: Putting a texture on an object

Rez a cube and make sure it’s in Edit mode. Choose the Texture tab. You will see a small square in the Texture tab labeled Texture. This is the texture that’s on your prim. Plywood, right?

[image – intro2build.14.b]

To change that texture, single or double-click (depending upon your viewer) on the plywood square in the Texture tab. The Texture Picker window will come up, showing the texture currently on your object. It will also show you a list of all the textures and snapshots you have in your Inventory.

[image – intro2build.14.c]

Double-click on the texture square in the Texture tab. In the Texture Picker window, navigate to: OpenSim Library > Texture Library > brick1_256 to apply it to your prim. Did you see your prim change? Note: You can also search for a specific texture using the Search bar at the top of the Texture Picker.

[image – intro2build.14.d]

Step 3: Changing the texture on one side of a prim

Each face (side) of a prim can have a different texture. To change the texture of each face, choose the Select Texture button from the Edit window. You will see a target on each face of the prim.

[image – intro2build.14.e]

Click on the face you would like to change. Now, you may select a new texture by double-clicking on the Texture square in the Texture table and clicking on a texture from the Texture Picker window.

[image – intro2build.14.f]

Select each face of your prim and apply a different texture to each one. (To see the top and bottom, you may need to reposition your prim or use Camera Controls for a better look.)

Using your new building skills, take some time to rez some different shapes and sizes – and then texture them. Notice how the same texture looks on different shapes.

If you are using the PRIMLAND Tutorial game, stop here and continue on the path!