Metaverse Cultural Series: The Making of the Rockstar Avatar – 7/19/14, 11AM PT

The Making of the Rockstar Avatar

Saturday, July 19, 2014 – 11AM to 12PM PT (SLT)


Avatar BellaLuna Xigalia will present her Mixed-Reality collaboration with RL “Reality-TV” Producer, Roz Taylor Jordan who will be joining us in-world for the very first time. Videos of their work together in the past two years will shown, which include testing for life-size Holographic Projection for Avatars and BellaLuna’s new work titled “Quantum Superpositioning for Performance” using advanced Multisensory and Neurogaming technology.

Join us for the next event in the Metaverse Cultural Series!

This event will take place in the virtual world of Second Life, as well as viewable online via the Metaverse Cultural Series Ustream channel.

Grid: Second Life -

Region: Vesuvius


Ustream Viewing:

Hashtag: #MCS14

Roz Taylor Jordan has been a Casting Producer for the biggest Emmy winning shows in Reality Television. There is no genre, age range or subject matter she hasn’t tackled working on shows like, Survivor, America’s Got Talent, The Amazing Race, Outback Jack, Who Wants To Marry My Dad, The Dr. Phil Show, Average Joe, The Bachelor, Kid’s Say The Darndes’t Things, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
Patty Rangel (RL) / BellaLuna Xigalia (SL) has been a former guest speaker at the National Second Life Community Conference (2011). It was there that she co-presented her research completed at NASA Ames that same summer for “Brain-Computer Interface for Avatars”, in addition to previous R&D completed in 2010 in New York City and San Diego for “Holographic Telepresence for Avatars”(which was a proof of concept where two Second Life Avatars performed as life-size holograms on-stage with a live musician) and “Markerless Motion Capture for Avatars”.


About the Metaverse Cultural Series:

The Metaverse Cultural Series is a set of events featuring performances and lectures that highlight  unique aspects of metaverse culture, taking place in multiple virtual world spaces.  The series showcases innovative artists, thinkers, performers, and academics whose work is on the forefront of exploring what it means to work, play, and live in the emerging metaverse.