Metaverse Cultural Series 2014 Call for Proposals


The Metaverse Cultural Series is a set of events featuring performances and lectures that highlight unique aspects of metaverse culture, taking place in multiple virtual world spaces.  The series showcases innovative artists, thinkers, performers, and academics whose work is on the forefront of exploring what it means to work, play, and live in the emerging metaverse.

2014 Call for Proposals

This Year’s Theme: Global Impact of the Metaverse – Now & Future

One of the most compelling and alluring aspects of the metaverse is its infinite potential and global reach. While many places in our physical world are convulsed with revolutions, uprisings, border conflicts, and wars, the metaverse is borderless, stateless, and infinite.  In the physical world, resources are limited, hoarded, and fought over, but in the virtual world, pixels are unlimited and the only finite resources are time and our own creativity and imaginations.  Still in its nascent form, the metaverse is only just emerging as a site to develop a truly global community, and we wonder how the nexus of physical and virtual may transform our worlds on a broader scale.

As we launch the second year of the Metaverse Cultural Series 2014, we ask what impact may the metaverse be having on our world now, and how might it impact the global community in the future?

Proposals and performances of interest might include, but aren’t limited to, questions and explorations on the topic of the metaverse’s global potential and reach, such as:

  • How is the metaverse being used to mix cultures, languages and traditions?
  • What new forms of culture are emerging that exist only in the metaverse?
  • Which forms of metaverse culture are crossing the border from the virtual back to the physical?
  • How is the metaverse being used for political activism, protest, or organizing?
  • What does the metaverse reveal about our fundamental human nature?
  • Are companies and brands embracing the global nature of the metaverse, and if so how?
  • How is the metaverse impacting the way we collaborate and work together to solve real-world problems?
  • Will the metaverse inspire a more utopian future, reinforce our dystopian tendencies, or birth new kinds of human experience altogether?
  • How are the economic disparities that people experience in the real world impacting how the metaverse is developing now and moving forward?

Your presentation or performance could answer these questions directly, or be more conceptual, artistic, or interpretive.  We welcome formats of all types, including academic-style lectures, research papers, artistic exhibits or performance art, musical performances, interpretive dance, poetry, or any other form of virtual expression that may explore the themes of this year’s series.

Deadline: Midnight EST (-5 GMT), April 20, 2014

Proposal Guidelines: In 500 words or less, describe your performance or presentation idea and how it relates to the goals and themes of the Metaverse Cultural Series. Reviewers will specifically be looking for proposals that explore unique aspects of metaverse culture, particularly as it differs from other kinds of online activity.

Technical Requirements: In the Technical Requirements section of your proposal, please be as detailed as possible in describing what technologies you will need to make your performance or presentation successful. This includes specifying the platform if applicable (i.e. Second Life, Opensim, or other platform), describing your proposed virtual venue space if you have one or what you would need if you are requesting help securing a venue, requirements for voice or streaming capabilities, or any other details organizers would need to know.

Award: A stipend of $100.00 USD will be awarded to each accepted proposal to cover time and expenses for the program.

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