AvaCon Announces the Metaverse Cultural Series 2013

In 2013, AvaCon will launch the Metaverse Cultural Series, a set of events featuring performances and lectures that highlight unique aspects of metaverse culture. The events will take place in multiple virtual world spaces and the series will showcase innovative artists, thinkers, performers, and academics whose work is on the forefront of exploring what it means to work, play, and live in the emerging metaverse.

In addition to seeking performances and presentations, we also invite virtual world providers, grids, or venues to host an event in the Metaverse Cultural Series at your site as an event partner. Venues should be able to accommodate between 30 – 50 in-world attendees, as well as permit voice and streaming media capabilities. AvaCon will work with venue hosts to determine technical specifications and other requirements as needed for each type of presentation or performance.

Request for Performance/Presentation Proposals

Deadline: January 31, 2013

Goals and Themes: We are seeking proposals for performances or presentations that explore those aspects of living, working, and playing in the metaverse that differ from other forms of online activity, for example exploring themes such as identity play and avatars, language and customs unique to virtual worlds, or other kinds of art and expression that are only possible in the metaverse. Event formats could include music concerts, lectures, poetry and storytelling, as well as virtual forms of theater, dance or virtual arts exhibits.

Abstract Guidelines: In 500 words or less, describe your performance or presentation idea and how it relates to the goals and themes of the Metaverse Cultural Series. Reviewers will specifically be looking for proposals that explore unique aspects of metaverse culture, particularly as it differs from other kinds of online activity.

Technical Requirements: In the Technical Requirements section of your proposal, please be as detailed as possible in describing what technologies you will need to make your performance or presentation successful. This includes specifying the platform if applicable (i.e. Second Life, Opensim, or other platform) or required venue space (i.e. land or prim requirements) , requirements for voice or streaming capabilities, or any other details organizers would need to know.

Award: A stipend of $50 USD will be awarded to each accepted presenter and venue host to cover time and expenses for the program.

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