AvaCon, Inc. produced the Second Life Community Convention in 2010 and 2011.  Archival information about the conference can be found below.

Past Conventions

The Second Life Community Convention is three days of exciting activities, events, musical performances, machinima screenings, panels, workshops, and much more that showcases the abundant creativity of Second Life Residents.  Since its inception, SLCC has been organized by the community for the community.

Second Life® is a thriving online community based in a 3D environment which was established in 2003. It has “Residents” from all over the world—1.4 million of whom have actively participated in the past 60 days. More than a game environment, Second Life combines the visual richness of a virtual world simulation with applications and tools for creative collaboration and social networking. Attendees come from many sectors, including government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, hospitals, and non-profits, as well as individuals at the consumer level who use the platform for music, art, online community building, and much more.

The goal of convention is to bring the many Residents of the Second Life community together to network, build friendships and to discuss Second Life in a common forum. All of the organizers and volunteers who plan and staff each year’s convention donate their time, expertise, skills and love of Second Life to create a great experience for attendees.

We are excited to announce that the 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention 2011 will take place at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA from August 12-14, 2011, and registration is now open!

What Attendees had to say

In the SLCC event, one can make contacts, learn of programs, and be exposed to so much more of the Second Life offerings in 60 hours than you can in 6 months in Second Lift itself. INTENSE! ~ SpinWeaver Radmussen

This is an important and incredible convention. ~ SophieCal

AvaCon knows real & virtual world event management & promotion. Producing educational & business events using their own professional skills & creative management of volunteer, their events share important knowledge with people around the world. ~ Gwenette Writer

They do a wonderful job. ~ ArminasX

This is a great team, who know how to organize and produce great events.  ~ whump

Avacon brings together awesome creative people from all walks of life, to learn from each other and have fun! ~ Mike

Great initiative to bring together people from all walks of life from all over the world who share the same passion. ~ Frans Charming

SLCC is a wonderful opportunity to bring a community together around things that matter to them. ~ Muse Carmona

Superb organization and creative programming for our annual convention in Second Life. Really top-notch speakers and social events. I will be back next year for sure! ~ Prokofy Neva